Saturday, 3 August 2013

Primark (And Superdrug...And River Island) Jewellery Haul

Hi Guys, 

I recently done a huge Primark Haul and I brought quite a few jewellery pieces. I filmed a video but my camera did not focus properly so I wanted to show detailed pictures on my blog :)

Here is the video if you would like to watch it, the jewellery part comes in at about 6:08 if you would like to skip to that section


1st Pair- Carrie Bradshaw/new york inspired gold hoops ( love them!)

Primark- £1.50

2nd Pair- Gold and silver medium sized hoops

Superdrugs- £3.00 ( such good value at £1.50 a pair, I have the most sensitive ears, I've been on antibiotics about 3 times because of bad earrings and these have not irritated my ears and I've been waring them non stop this month!)

3rd Pair- 'N' Shaped large studs

Primark- £1.50

4th Pair- Gold and silver button sized studs

Primark- £2.00

A necklace: Unique

Primark- £2.50

A Bangle: Asian Inspired

Primark- £2.50

Hair Accesories:

1st Pair- Beautiful Butterfly clip

Primark- £1.50 ( Perfect to add a touch of summer to your bun! or an evening half up half down do)

2nd Pair- Floral Bun top- GORGEOUS!

Topshop- £5.00 ( a bit expensive but how cute will that look over your bun to add a touch of floral glam, I'm going to match my lipstick with this)

A Ring- Two Gold Hearts

Superdrugs- £2.50

And Finally...


Primark- £ 1.00, YES £1.00 ( I will be doing a review shortly on how good or not these are)

Thanks for reading, I think it comes to around £22.50 altogether I did a quick round up. How good is that! I hope you all have a lovely day and look out for some of these pieces in outfit/face of the days



Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Check out my new YouTube video. I brought a whole new skin care range from The Body Shop. 
I will be reviewing all the products for 2 weeks and then will make a blog post on my top 5 or 10 products, i'm not too sure yet ( It depends how many I genuinely like)

Make sure you like the video...if u like it lol


3 Pairs Of Black Primark Shoes

Hi guys I went to Primark quite a while ago now ( I think a month ago) and discovered that they actually have some really nice shoes out atm (especially their sandals!). 

 I brought 3 pairs of black shoes and I really love them

Shoe number 1- Studded Ankle Strap Sandals (My favourite!!!)


I think the picture speaks for itself, they are my perfect kind of shoe. They will go with any outfit, as they are flats they are super comfy but still look pretty and can easily glam up an outfit

The camera wouldn't pick it up, but these shoes SPARKLE soooo much. I love it!! 

Nail varnish is in the shade Blueberry by Barry M

My feet are probably the worst part of my body, so I didn't wanna post this pic but I think its nice to see how they actually look on :) I love that even the ankle strap is covered in studs

Shoe number 2- T-bar Sequin Flip Flops


I brought these because they are your classic strappy sandal in black but the sequins on the T-bar make them that much more interesting and again you could dress them up or down depending on where you were going.

They have a plait going down the side which is a small detail but just gives them a bit more texture and makes them less boring

Shoe number 3- The Black Wedge


It took me forever to actually find a pair of these!!! The first time I spotted them they had only size 7's and 8's which are too big for me. I'm a size 5/6 and most 6's in heels are quite big for me which is bad because heels are hard enough to walk in without them keep flipping of every couple of footsteps! DANGEROUS! lol


But surprisingly they were a perfect fit and i'm happy that I got a size 6. I had to go to a big Primark to get hold of them but they are definitely worth it. The heel is the perfect height, not too high but high enough to make you feel like you are actually wearing heels :) 

They also come in a beautiful fluorescent pinky coraly colour, I wish I had got them too but I was trying to not go over the top but looking back they would be perfect for summer with a tan!!!

Thanks for reading--- and having to put up with a lot of foot pics lol


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Ciate Gold Nail Polish!!!

I saw this amazing GOLD polish in this months issue of Marie Claire magazine and had to buy it!!!

Its such a pretty shade of gold and looks gorgeous in the bottle

 PS. The ring is not included in the mag, its just what I wore with it-->> but how amazing is that colour!

I was so impressed with the application of the nail varnish. And I can honestly say it was the best application I have EVER had painting my nails in my whole 22years of life (not that I was painting my nails when I was a baby lol but seriously it was great!

Excuse my extremely dry cuticles! The cold weather has completely dried out my skin

The lid of the bottle is nice and long, and the shape of the bottle is actually curved so it fits comfortably into the palm of your hands! And the brush is BEAUTIFUL! It little takes 3 strokes of nail varnish and your nail is perfectly painted!

In daylight the colour is true to how it looks in the bottle 

I am beyond happy with this nail polish and its such great value considering its a freebie in a magazine! I'm definitely going to buy a couple more! I 100% reccommend this ciate nail polish! The staying power is unbelievable! No chipping! It feels like a gel polish but its not. I would say that its a VERY special nail polish to have in your collection!!!

Thanks for reading :) 
And seriously you have to go and buy it guys!!!

Monday, 17 May 2010


Hey guys...

This is just a super quick update to say that I won't be able to update my blog till after me exams ( I really need to concentrate and revise- well in my case learn from the beginning lol). My last exam is on the 10th of June so sometime after that I guess.

Also I will be creating a YouTube account so I can start making videos, I'm not to sure how I feel about being on YouTube...I'm a bit scared but I think it will be good as you will get to know me a lot better :-) I was struggling to come up with an idea for my 1st video but in the end I decided that I will do a `What's in your bag?' video because its easy and I'm lazy lol.

I know I said this was going to be a super quick update but I've just remembered a cute top that I brought from primark last week. It's just a casual t-shirt that I brought for college but I really like it and it is sooo comfy!

Its is really simple, I normally wouldn't look twice at something like this but it has a kind of translucent/sheer effect which I love. The front says `LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH' and I have to say I do agree with the slogan ;-) It can be worn slouchy or normal, I'm a fan of the off the shoulder look but knowing me I will mix it up- if I was wearing it in the evening I would go for the off the shoulder look teamed with wet look leggings( as I have on) some killer heels and accessorize with a chunky silver/dark grey bracelet/s of some sort and some cool earrings. As for daytime I would just tone it down and throw a denim jacket over it and wear plain leggings( idk- something like that)


...instead of the going for silver/dark grey jewellery I would go all out and opt for multi-coloured chunky accessories instead. This look kinda reminds me of the Rhianna Rudeboy video( you could wear some short shorts with it if you really wanted to go for the Rhianna effect). Its amazing what you can do with a £5 top and the beads were only £2.50!!

Hope you like it and I'll see you in a few weeks possibly with a link to my 1st YouTube video!



Sunday, 2 May 2010

Little Sleek haul...Big post lol

 Trying to get a least 5 posts up to get me started :-) So here's my 4th one and 3rd of the day :-(

I love Sleek products after hearing about the brand through Pixiwoo a while back. I think the colour pay off is really good for the low prices. And in their palettes you get 12 colours for a fiver...

So as I was browsing around westfield I went into Superdrug's and discovered a pretty olive green pigment that I had to have...and because it was only £2.99 and the colour pay off was amazing I didn't even have to think about it which is unusual for me as I can be quite indecisive at times :-( lol)

The pics I took did not really come out that great, the tiredness was starting to kick in at this point!

I also brought a glitter eyeliner to match it...I LOVE LOVE glitter! Its amazing, I'm like a magpie when it comes to anything sparkly :-)

and finally a blusher named "Flamingo"

...Unfortunately I am not liking Flamingo, it is way to bright for me! I only put a lil on and it came out so strong, I couldn't even blend it out which was annoying as I felt like it ruined my whole makeup and I was so close to washing it off. Thinking about it now I should of stuck to my Sahara blush from sleek which is my perfect everyday blush. It gives me such a glow even when I feel really pale and tired.

Maybe Flamingo will grow on me...but judging from the following pic- I don't think so...even though the pic does not pick up the true brightness of the blush. Saying that it was only £3.50 so its not like I was hard done by lol

Lol I know the colour looks bright just by looking at it in its container but I thought I would be able to blend it out!

Anyways, i'm going on a bit now.

Im so silly, I forgot swatches!

From left to right; Ignore the 1st. Woohoo found the name of the glitter eyeliner- It's called Mojito (279) Then we have Green with envy (699) followed by Flamingo (937)

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Thought I would show you my favourite heels that I just brought from ASOS. I really REALLY love them! However I must admit that I am rubbish at wearing heels! For some strange reason, I can manage dancing around my house in them for a couple of hours lol but as soon as I step outside and walk up the road for 2mins I can feel the pain!!! I attempted to wear a pair I had just brought to a club and by the end of the night I was in soooo much pain that when it came to catching the oh so reliable night bus back I was walking in a pair of socks I had slipped into my handbag before I went out. Oh the shame! I do not know how some girls can party hard and still look flawless in their heels...Jealousy does not even come close to how I feel about that...ha ha

The box...thought I'd post a pic because it's quite cute...

and here they are!!!

here's where I get a bit carried away with the photo's lol... they have a T-bar strap, and wooden/cork? heels. They come in yellow with green glasses and in red with black glasses( I think?) The yellow ones are amazing 2!

I love the Lolita sunglasses at the front!

and the sunglasses and embellished heart on the back are really cool!

So here are my "bang bang shoes" Hope you like this post, what are your bang bang shoes (I love this term now as well lol) like!?